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Free Keyword Research Tool

Free Keyword Research Tools To Find Profitable Keywords In Order To Earn Huge Traffic:
We have already discussed Search Engine Optimization SEO in detail. Now its time to discuss the most important topic in bogging and that is Keyword Research. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10+ Free Keyword Research Tool along with its functionality.
We will also discuss How to Find the Best Keywords that are huge in volume, Less competition, and High CPC (Cost Per Click). Before going further you should know first – What Keyword is? Why we need keywords for our Blog or Post.

What is Keyword?

A keyword is a term used in digital marketing to describe a word or group of words that an Internet user uses to search in a search engine or search bar. In an SEO strategy, keywords are very important and should be the core of any copy (present in the content, title, and SEO elements) written for the web. Keywords must be developed and carefully selected before launching online content on web and mobile platforms.
There are Nine (9) types of Keywords in SEO that you should know for high conversion rate

Short-Tail Keywords

As the name suggests, short-tail keywords are short keywords (surprise!) That are made up of three words or less. Sometimes they are also called head keywords. Short-tailed keywords have a large amount of search volume, but are also highly competitive. For viewers, they use the short-tail keyword when they are in the first stage of research for goods. This is why it is very difficult to indicate a clear search intent for short-tail keywords. They occur all over the place. Let’s look at an example when a person searches for “Apple”. They can find out what vitamins are provided by Apples, or how much calories are there in Apples. Short-tail keywords conversion rate is low due to difficulty matching the intent of the searcher.
free keyword research tool - Short-tail keyword pictorial representation
In the picture above SEO is a short-tail keyword indicated in a red rectangular box. As we discussed above short-tail keywords are difficult to rank for beginners, so as a beginner you should try Long-tail keywords for your posts.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keyword consists of three or more than three words. Long-tail keywords are more specific than short-tail keywords. Although search volume is comparatively low but less competitive.
Advantage of Long-tail keywords: Long-tailed keywords are much easier to rank than more general keywords because fewer websites compete for higher rankings in Google’s result pages. The longer (and more specific) search terms are, the easier it is to rank for this term. Due to the vastness of the Internet, it is easy to find your audience for your particular location. Focusing on a group of long-tailed keywords will result in a major result of traffic as a whole.
free keyword research tool - Long-tailed keywords pictorial representation
In the picture above, you can clearly see although search volume is low but CPC is good and the most important thing is Competition is very low. So, Long-tail keywords have a high chance to rank in search engines.

Short-Term Fresh Keywords

Short-term fresh keywords are those keywords that are hyped recently. In other words – Short-term fresh keywords are searched for a particular time.
Let’s understand this keyword with an example. Motu Patlu is an Indian animated sitcom television series that was in high demand when released. Have a look at Google trends search volume how this keyword performed in that particular period and what happens after some time.
free keyword research tool - short-term fresh keyword demonstration on google trends
As you can see here the search volume peaked at the time of release and dropped thereafter. So, you can target these type of keywords to gain more traffic from organic search when these keywords are at hype, but be ready for the fall when the hype is over.

Long-term Evergreen Keywords

Long-term evergreen keywords are those keywords that are always in demand, their search volume may fluctuate sometime but there will not be a drastic fall.
The point is that you can make sure that from the time you publish something focusing on evergreen keywords until two years later, users will still keep searching and want to read about it.
free keyword research tool - long-term evergreen keyword performance in google trends
See the graph for the keyword “How to make money online“, there is little fall in between but no sharp fall, in fact, its search volume goes on increase with time, that’s the power of Long-term evergreen keywords.

Product defining keywords

This is the keyword that describes your product. This is not just a keyword tool, it is an LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keyword research and planning tool. see the difference?
Searchers searching for keywords that define a product are looking for something specific. And you can either be exactly what they want or not at all. When searchers go for keywords that define the product they are already in the initial stage of the purchase. They all need a little more information to click on that checkout button.
So when you are targeting a product that defines a keyword, remember to be as detailed as possible. The best way to get your product targeting keywords is very easy, just look at your product list, then make a detailed description for each of them.
Now look at those details and choose two basic keywords. Add these two keywords to your product name, and there you have it.
free keyword research tool -  product defining keywords example
Example of product defining keywords

Customer defining keywords

Do You have your targeted persona? If you don’t, create a fictional profile for your target audience.
Are they mostly men or women? How old are they? Where are they from What is their job?
The more detail you could collect, the more information you can use to your advantage.
Keywords that define your customer: Re-use this as an example instead of just “LSI Keyword Research and Planning Tool” for LSI Keyword Research and Planning Tool in Marketers.
One-size-fits-all products are rare. To address your target audience focus on their pain point because one keyword will shift the whole lot.
In addition, consider using customer testimonials to see how your product benefits them. This will help build better credibility and attract familiarity for readers sharing the same profile.

Geo-targeting keywords

You can target a specific neighborhood, city, state, or even country using Geo-targeting keywords.
This is especially useful for small local businesses where you want to attract the most relevant customers, local customers, to your storefront.
How can I get my Geo-targeting keywords? Well, this is actually the easiest keyword to get on the list. The area your business operates in is your Geo-targeting keyword, that’s all.
You may already have your address for display on the sidebar, but including it in content can make a big difference.
Geo-targeting keywords are extremely important for a local business that wants to set up its local SEO.
That’s all about keyword, I hope you have a better knowledge of keywords now. Now we will discuss about Free keyword research tools in detail with examples.

Free Keyword Research Tool

What is keyword research?
Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases that people use in search engines in order to optimize content around and rank for those terms in search engines.
There are many keyword research tools on the internet that can help you find profitable keywords for your niche. Some of them are paid tools with full features and some of them are free with limited features. We will here discuss about the best free keyword research tool with advanced features.
Let’s discuss them one by one…

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool. There is no limitation in it, you can research as many keywords as you want along with the search volume and corresponding CPC. Let’s understand who it works with the help of a diagram.
free keyword research tool - Google keyword planner tool
Here you are not restricted to search for a single keyword at a time, you can add many keywords for a single search google keyword planner will show you the search volume of all keywords that you have queried.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Adword & SEO keyword permutation generator is also a free keyword research tool with added benefits. It allows you to put as many keywords as you can in three boxes given and click on generate permutation. After clicking on generate permutation it will apply the permutation algorithm on all keywords in the boxes and display all possible combinations.
Now understand this with an example
BOX1:  Keyword research tool, free keyword research tool
BOX2: SEO, Benefits of SEO
BOX3: Organic search, Search volume
On clicking generate permutations the results shown in the figure below.
Free keyword research tool - Adword & SEO keyword permutation Generator
With six short-tail keywords, it generated eight new long-tail keywords. The keywords above are for example purpose only you should put your keywords but meaningful.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is like Google Trends in reverse. With Google Trends, you type a query and retrieve a data series of activity. With Google Correlation, you enter a data series (target) and get a list of queries whose data series follow a similar pattern.

Keyword In

KeywordIn is a free keyword combiner tool, you just need to put your keywords in the boxes provided it will combine all the keywords together and generate all possible keywords form that combination. This is an awesome tool for keyword research you should try this. Let’s see how it works in the demo below.
Free Keyword research tool - keywordin research tool demo


Soovle is a multi-tasking tool for keyword research. For your keyword you are required to just type your keyword and sit back, it will fetch all related keywords from different platforms such as YouTube search, Google search, Bing Search, Yahoo search, Amazon search, Answer the public, and Wikipedia. And displays you all fetched keywords separately. The picture below shows the demonstration of the Soovle research tool.
Free keyword research tool - Soovle research tool


Ubersuggest is not only a keyword research tool but a site-auditor. This is not fully free but instead, you can use it for keyword research and audit your site. Its free version is quite sufficient for the beginners who have just started blogging. It will give you sufficient keyword ideas for your queried keyword along with search volume, trends, CPC, paid keyword difficulty, and SEO keyword difficulty. In a free account, it will also allow site audit for one website, for more than one you need to upgrade your account.
You can also check your competitor keywords by just typing their domain’s name. And the keywords for which the website is ranking in search engines. In my personal opinion after ahref, Ubersuggest is the best free keyword research tool on the internet to boost your online business.
free keyword research tool - ubersuggest


You can also use the wordtracker keyword research tool for your keyword research but have some limitations by default i.e it won’t show you the CPC of the keywords. You can check keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, and trends.

WordStream Free Keyword Tool

Simple and Effective tool for keyword research
WordStream keyword research tool is a free keyword research tool that facilitates you with the keyword search volume, CPC, and competition. Have a look at how it works.
free keyword research tool - wordstream

Answer The Public

Answer the public is the best free keyword research tool, the way of representing keywords is totally different. It shows the keyword in question format. It also shows the keyword pool in alphabetical order for user simplicity. It fetch questions related to the queried keyword from all most all search engines and display them systemically. This tool is totally free, you can search for keywords as many as you want no upper limit. See the below figure for better understanding.
free keyword research tool - Answer the public keyword tool demonstration
This is just a simple example, for more details log on to the official site and explore more.

KeySearch tool is not fully free, for free users there is a daily limit i.e free account users can explore only 5 keywords daily. This tool provides deep analysis of keyword research and very much user friendly. It shows bulk related keywords for the queried keyword along with search trends, search volume, CPC, Paid difficulty of the keyword, and SEO difficulty. You can also check which website is ranking for the particular keyword. You can also target a particular country by selecting the desired country for your keyword.
free keyword research tool - keysearch

Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder is a free keyword research tool that generates thousands of profitable keywords with monthly search volume and CPC
Keyword finder is the best free keyword research tool with unique features like deep search and shallow search of keywords. You can apply filter according to your requirement such as you can filter competition, CPC, and search volume for your keyword. This keyword tool is famous for its awesome UI and friendly interface. You should try this for your keyword research. Look at the interface in the picture below.
Keyword finder - free keyword research tool

Keyword Tool Dominator

This is another free keyword research tool with multiple search features. To use this tool you are required to register with them as it is mandatory. To begin your search you need to select a search tool i.e Amazon keyword tool, eBay keyword tool, Eetsy keyword tool, Walmart keyword tool, Google keyword tool, YouTube keyword tool, Bing keyword tool, and Google shopping keyword tool. This tool is very specific in its search result. This tool is not fully free for advance features you need to upgrade to pro. But its free features are more than enough to start with. Have a look at its features in the figure below
free keyword research tool
With this list of keyword research benefits and 10+ free keyword research tools, I hope that you have a newfound confidence when doing your keyword research. So many website owners and businesses approach their online content without a strategy. Seeing the importance of just three of the benefits above, we’ll put you on a path to dominating your competition. Researching your keywords can be done for free, or you can choose a program to help you. We recommend long-tail Pro (We have been using it for years), as you can get all your keyword competition analysis done without having to do it manually. They also offer a lot of free training on how to use their software. You can check them out here.
If you have any questions about keywords and keyword research tools feel free to contact us or let us know in the comments.
All the best!

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